Summer Session 2019 Application & Guidelines

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the program is full. It is recommended to apply by February 22, 2019, as space is limited.


Applicants must be a student, age 15-19. Must complete 9th grade by participation date. Demonstrates proficiency in focus area. THERE IS NO LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT. In examining completed applications, we ask two fundamental questions:

  1. Is this student prepared artistically and academically to meet the challenges of the program?
  2. Is this person going to make a good ambassador for their school and country, taking constructive advantage of opportunities, exploring new interests and ideas, and making healthy contributions to the program?

We examine teacher recommendations and the audition materials or visual portfolio to answer this first question. We rely heavily on the student essays and the recommendations to answer the second question.


A completed application to Spoleto Study Abroad must include the following:

  1. Completed application form with photograph of yourself (can be submitted digitally or mailed)
  2. Essay I and Essay II
  3. Advisor Recommendation and Fine Arts Instructor Recommendation Forms A and B (must be mailed)
  4. Portfolio/Audition material
  5. $75.00 application fee payable to "Spoleto Study Abroad." The application fee is non-refundable and does not go towards tuition.

Application matrials should be mailed with your application fee to:

    Spoleto Study Abroad
    P.O. Box 33279
    Clemson, SC 29633

NOTE: Portfolios will not be returned. All essays and recommendations must be typed.

Auditions & Portfolio Requirements

Instrumental Music Applicants

1. Submit a file link that demonstrates instrumental proficiency. It should contain two contrasting works or movements from standard repertoire on the given instrument. For example: One unaccompanied movement from a 19th century concerto with cadenza and a movement of solo Bach.
2.List of previously played Chamber Music repetoire.
Be sure to label the video link with applicant’s name, school, instrument, names of pieces, and composers.

Vocal Music Applicants

Submit a file link that demonstrates vocal proficiency. It should contain two contrasting works or movements from standard repertoire; one piece should be in a foreign language. Be sure to label the video link with applicant’s name, school, vocal range, and names of pieces, and composers.

Drama Applicants

1. Submit drama resume including productions, roles played, dates, and any pertinent descriptive information
2. Video link of two different monologues performed by the applicant. Be sure to label with the applicant’s name, school, and monologues performed.
3. Write an essay relating how you would like to contribute to the drama curriculum during the Summer Session.

Photography Applicants

Submit a portfolio consisting of 10 examples of your photographic work. Images of your work may be submitted by email links to Be sure to label the link with applicant’s name, school, medium, and size.

Visual Arts Applicants

Submit a portfolio consisting of 10 examples of your artistic work. Visual Arts applicants can submit works in any combination from the following areas: drawing, graphic design, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, or textiles. Images of your work may be submitted by email links to Be sure to label the link with applicant’s name, school, medium, and size.

Screenwriting Applicants

1. Submit a 1-2 page personal essay detailing your interest in screenwriting and what aspect of it appeals to you.
2. Submit ONE of the following:

    A. 5-page sample screenplay or fiction short story in PDF format
    B. A list of five favorite films and why you like these films
    C. A short video/film or animation, no longer than 10 minutes

Creative Writing Applicants

1. Submit two samples of your writing that are indicative of your technical skills and your dedication to writing.
2. Write an essay relating how you would like to use your writing time during the Summer Session.
Be sure to label submissions with applicant's name and school.


In consideration of your application processing, a $75 application fee is required with this application.

The comprehensive fee for Spoleto Study Abroad Summer 2019 is $6,500. Fee increases after February 20, 2019. This fee includes tuition for courses, meals, lodging, books, materials, entrance fees for group activities, and all field trip related transportation within Italy. Expenses not included are round-trip airfare to Rome, passport fees, travel insurance, and personal expenses.

Upon acceptance, a $3,250 deposit is due within 2 weeks in consideration of program planning and reservation of your place in the program. The remainder is payable in full by April 30, 2019. The $75 application fee and $3,250 deposit are not refundable.

The tuition payment (minus deposit of $3,250) is fully refundable until April 30, 2019. Withdrawals from the program must be submitted in writing. In consideration of such application process and program placement and preparation, it is understood and hereby agreed that on or after May 1, 2018, no refund of any amount will be owed by Spoleto Study Abroad to the undersigned or his/her family or school for any reason nor will any such refund be made should the student be withdrawn or dismissed from the program. Families are encouraged to purchase travel insurance at the time of payment of tuition deposit. Expenses are based on the exchange rate effective September 20, 2018. Prices are subject to equitable adjustment should there be a significant change in the rate of exchange by May 1, 2019. Tuition for applications received after February 20, 2019 will be $6,550.

Please make checks payable to Spoleto Study Abroad. Tuition can be paid via credit card in full, by selecting one of the options below:


American Express

*Please note, all credit card transactions will incur an additional processing fee.


Travel dates are July 11 - August 4, 2019 Arrive in Rome (FCO) on July 12th by 10 am. U.S. flights to Rome depart the evening of July 11th August 4th- Depart Rome (FCO) after 11 am

Spoleto Study Abroad will have a departure flight(s) from the U.S. with Spoleto Study Abroad staff on board. Students are not required to fly on this flight, but have the option to do so. Flights with staff members for the Summer 2019 program will be shared once arranged. Students make their own travel arrangements. We work closely with a wonderful travel agent who can assist with ticketing.


As summer “guests” of the town of Spoleto, the guidelines by which we live consist both of rules to obey and Italian traditions to respect. Our basic code is to forbid any behavior that is illegal, antisocial, or dangerous, either to the student or to the group. Smoking is not allowed. Possession, use or any contact with those in possession of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden. Driving any motorized vehicles, including motorcycles and motorbikes is prohibited.

All students live together sharing rooms, collegial style, in a gorgeous renovated 15th century convent in the historic medieval section of Spoleto. The convent has been updated with modern conveniences and has spacious courtyards, colorful gardens, and terraces. It is only a short walk to classes, the main piazzas of town, shops, and restaurants.

Students are supervised and guided by faculty and the fellowship teachers who also stay in the convent in order to oversee student life.


For obvious reasons, students are expected to maintain a standard of behavior representative of the program. Excessive noise, abuse of property or facilities and similar lapses from this standard are strictly forbidden. Our faculty-in-residence take responsibility for maintaining standards of behavior, in addition to their primary role as teachers and advisors. Both to protect our students’ well-being and to respect the rules and standards of Spoleto Study Abroad, we must reserve the right to send home, at the family’s expense, any student who violates these rules.


Submit all materials to:
Spoleto Study Abroad
P.O. Box 33279
Clemson, SC 29633


Online Application Payment Links

Please note an additional processing fee will be charged if paying by credit card. Checks made out to “Spoleto Study Abroad” may also be mailed to the address above.


American Express

Additional Application Forms