Chamber Music

Spoleto Study Abroad’s Chamber Music Program focuses on refining the technical foundation necessary for playing a stringed instrument. The program also seeks to broaden students’ appreciation for music and its relationship with the greater world through performance classes, group lessons and chamber music. 
Performance classes show how precise techniques and personal habits are paralleled in Spoleto Study Abroad’s other disciplines, allowing for string players to see how their craft relates to other art forms.

Faculty Lead: Niccolo Muti, Artistic Director of Incontri Musicali


  • Individual Lessons & Practice
  • Group technique class
  • Chamber music
  • Performances

Individual Lessons & Practice: Every student will receive a minimum of 90 minutes of private lesson time throughout each week, during which they will tackle solo repertoire. Students will have at least two hours a day for individual practice to further refine and explore their solo voice.
Group Technique Class: Students will meet twice a week as a group to strengthen their understanding of certain basic principles of string playing. Together, they will focus on scales and etudes that highlight the fundamentals of right and left hand technique, as well as assess the importance of body awareness.
Chamber Music: Students will partake in chamber music for 6 hours every week. Chamber music assignments will be based on the audition recording. Students may also choose to audition in person upon arrival in Spoleto. Groups will be arranged according to individual playing level. Every effort is made to arrange compatible groups.
Performance Opportunities: All students will have the opportunity to perform in performance classes four times through out the three weeks. During these classes, each student will speak about the work that they are doing in Spoleto. All chamber music groups will perform in Spoleto Study Abroad’s final concert.