Creative Writing

Faculty Lead: AJ Fitzgerald, Adjunct Faculty of English Composition, Academic Support Coordinator at Temple University, Rome, Italy

The Creative Writing course is designed around the concept of the self in the world. It meets twice per day: in the morning for an hour, and in the afternoon for three hours. During the morning meeting, students do warm-up writing exercises and examine the work of established writers to discuss craft and elements such as voice, diction, tone, structure, and audience. In the afternoon writing workshop, students write more deeply in response to a variety of prompts and exercises designed to experiment with different genres, including the short story, the poem, and the essay. The group will sometimes take exploratory journeys around Spoleto, traveling on foot with pen and journal to record their thoughts and feelings about their experiences, including what they are learning about the city’s history, architecture, and people. Students will be encouraged to write as well about their own experiences, background, and memories. The group will be expected to share their works-in-progress regularly and to receive and to give constructive feedback. The goal is to foster creative support and the exchange of ideas on how to improve particular pieces of writing, as well as to reflect on possible topics of interest for future pieces. As the weeks progress, students will spend more time developing and revising their work, which they will also share. Participants write two major pieces during the three weeks and present both of them in the program’s evening performance classes.

Spoleto Study Abroad’s Creative Writing Program focuses on developing students’ writing skills and deepening their experience of writing in various genres. The program is designed to build on students’ familiarity with writing in order to develop further their skills through experimentation and revision. Through assigned readings by published authors, group exercises, and individual projects, students will increase their knowledge of craft and analysis. Workshop, a place for critiquing one another’s writing with a view to developing revision skills and the ability to respond to each other in constructive ways, will be an important part of the experience. Participating in an arts community will allow students to relate other art forms to their own and offer opportunity to use those other arts as springboards for inspiration and creativity. Participants write two major pieces during the three weeks and present each of them in the program’s evening performance classes.

If Italy is the cultural manifestation of the world, Spoleto is the heart