Creative Writing

Faculty Lead: Jan Guffin

The Creative Writing Course is designed around the concept of the town-as-the-text. It meets twice per day: in the morning for one hour, and in the afternoon for three hours. During the morning meeting, students look at models of previous writers and discuss such principles as voice, diction, tone, structure, and audience. In the afternoon writing workshop, the students are on foot with a journal and pen.  They take lengthy walks around Spoleto, absorbing both the physical features of the ancient town and the culture – always recording in their journal their thoughts about what they are seeing, hearing, and feeling. They share what they have written with the group, which provides feedback on possible topics for writing, new topics based on what the journal says, etc. They write two major pieces during the three weeks and present both of them in performance classes held in the evening.

If Italy is the cultural manifestation of the world, Spoleto is the heart