With easy access to video cameras and editing tools on phones and laptops, moviemaking is quickly becoming one of the most common and dynamic forms of expression. The Spoleto Study Abroad instructors see film production as an engaging way for students to develop media literacy while creating movies of their own.

As students are exposed to the unique landscapes and architecture in Umbria, they’ll be inspired to find stories using classic film techniques. Units that explore camera angles and movement, long takes, montage, and mise en scene will allow young filmmakers to tell their stories against the backdrop of a beautiful Italian town.

In addition to film techniques, students will develop their storytelling skills as their short films take shape. As they settle into Spoleto, they will find stories on the streets, in the faces of residents, and among their fellow students as they learn to use their cameras as tools in the exploration of theme, point of view, and mood.

Each student will produce a minimum of two short films suitable for reels and online portfolios.