Faculty Lead: Sara Kerr, Photography Teacher at Castilleja School

The photography program is an intensive, hands-on and fun class designed to help students develop their own photographic style and interests. The best part of this class is that student’s get to learn technical and conceptual skills while photographing in a picturesque Italian town, with fascinating architecture and a dynamic street life. There is so much to observe in Spoleto and there is time to slow down and really look and work on your photography skills when you are here.  

In a one hour morning class students will learn technical information, learn about editing, and will consider the history of photography. In a three hour afternoon class students will be out taking photographs and editing their images.

By the end of this program students will:

  • Confidently be able to use their camera in fully manual mode

  • Know how to use editing software (Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge)

  • Know how to edit, reshoot and work on a project over time

  • Know how to listen to feedback from peers

  • Know how to present their work to an audience

  • Have created two projects: one on place and one on portraiture

  • Have created a final portfolio of photographs on a topic of their choice

  • Know how to plan and hang an art exhibition

  • Have learnt about the history of photography

  • Have made new friends who are also interested in art and photography!

If you have further questions about the class, you can look at the work produced in last year’s program here: