Teaching Fellows Program:

During its month-long summer session, Spoleto Study Abroad offers a Teaching Fellows Program to our consortium-school faculty members who have been teaching in their respective schools for three years or less. Those selected will run the residential life program while receiving training in collaborative, experienced-based instruction in the stimulating natural setting of a medieval hill town, Spoleto, Italy. Though the Summer Session is offered to students who are interested in the arts and humanities, teachers from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Strong candidates are those who are interested in exploring instructional strategies that are applicable across disciplines and to any school setting. Click here for more info.

Dates: July 6 – 31, 2017 (depart U.S. on July 6th, depart Rome July 31st)

To Apply: click here

Professional Development for Educators (Adult Tour):

This program offers educators a wonderful opportunity to grow professionally and personally by exploring the cultural richness and artistic wealth of renaissance Italy.

Dates: June 10 – June 18 2017
2017 Program Flier

This is an experience that will appeal to the history buff, educator, the art lover, or simply the admirer of natural beauty. This tour offers a wonderful opportunity to step into the cultural richness and artistic wealth of Umbria, Toscana, and Lazio. Winding through the streets of historic towns; taking a walk along olive groves, cobblestone streets, an Etruscan ruin, or across a Roman aqueduct; and visiting the many museums or churches will magically put you in touch with many of the greatest minds of western civilization from Dante to Michelangelo, from Botticelli to Boccaccio.

All forms and correspondence for the Journey Through Central Italy Tour should go to:
SSA Tours
c/o Cynthia Landvater
3328 White Oak Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609-7619
(919) 787-0003

For more information about these tours, contact Cynthia Landvater:
email: AdultEnrichment@spoletostudyabroad.org