Mercatino and First Day of Classes


After lunch yesterday, the students took a walking tour of our lovely city of Spoleto!  They saw the locals setting up for the various performances of the day for annual Spoleto Festival 2016.  They also visited the Aquaduct and the Duomo (where they filmed Mateo).

Here we have the students listening to Andrea talk about the Aquaduct!

Students Julia, Yebin, Harrison, Eliza, Claire, Lily, and Anu enjoying the Spoleto sun!

After dinner, we went to get some much-deserved gelato!

Today, the students learned about the history of Spoleto and the surrounding area from Lorenzo Muti while sitting in the convent’s gorgeous chapel:

We then went to the Mercatino to look at the street vendors:

After lunch we had our first classes of the program!  Here we have the creative writing students (Lily, Nikki, Sofia, and Mac) with our wonderful teachers, Mary Beth and Symphony.

Some fun and games at the end of the day followed by fireworks for the final day of the Spoleto Festival!


A domani!