A Look into the Disciplines


An update about updates:
Since we would like to highlight each discipline, we are going to designate disciplines for each day’s update.

  • Monday: Visual Arts
  • Tuesday: Music and Photography
  • Wednesday: Travel (N.B. We will be traveling on Thursday this week instead of Wednesday)
  • Thursday: Vocal and Drama
  • Friday: Creative Writing
  • Saturday: Travel
  • Sunday: Spoleto

Instrumental Music and Photography:

Instrumental Music students spent their lesson practicing their craft while learning Italian from the local kids, Lucia, Sofia, and Luigi.

Anne and her instructor Niccolo

Katibeth studying her music

Photography students have been exploring the topics of architecture and movement, and how to capture them in images.  To do this they used both their cell phones and their cameras.  They spent their afternoon capturing their subjects and editing the photos with photoshop.

Hannah getting her shot

Claire capturing her subject


The Spoleto Palio:

Throughout the duration of the program students will be competing against one another in contrade (teams).  Each contrada  has a name and a symbol based on Siena’s infamous contrade.  Last night we held our first event, a scavenger hunt around Spoleto, and Lupa won!  We will continue to have events and activities, and we will update you as we do.

Our contrade:








A domani!