Drama and Vocal Students


It’s day 3 of classes and the students are starting to find their rhythm. The morning started with breakfast at the convent, then they headed to their first two classes: Italian and Arts & Ideas. After these courses, they had an hour of class with their specific major and attended Art & Architecture with Lorenzo. Art & Architecture usually focuses on the history of Spoleto and of the cities we will be visiting on our travel days.

Tomorrow we are headed to Siena for the day, and on our way home we will be seeing an opera, Don Giovanni. During today’s Art & Architecture period, students learned about Don Giovanni in preparation for tomorrow’s performance.

Lorenzo teaches students about the opera, Don Giovanni

After lunch and siesta, the choral students walked to Terrazza Frau for warm ups and to rehearse ensemble pieces. Today they worked on “Trip It in a Ring” from the semi-opera The Fairy Queen.

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Above: Sopranos practice their part.

Altos practice their part in “Trip It in a Ring”

After choir practice, vocal and drama students moved to the school where major classes are held. Vocal students split their time between working on solo and duet pieces with their instructor, Terry Rhodes, and working on movement and presence exercises with Matt Cosper, the drama instructor.


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Above: Students participated in a movement and presence warm up called Foot Ninja.

Vocal Students Anu, Eliza, Ki, and Gracie

Vocal and Drama students are currently working on tableaus. The students are working in pairs, playing both actor and director, and creating scenes which convey the sentiment of their chosen piece (monologue, soliloquy, song). In their rehearsal time, they created a total of six scenes each. At the end of class, they presented their three strongest scenes to their peers.

By student request, the class ended with another game of Foot Ninja.

Vocal and Drama Students in their practice space

Please note that due to a long travel day tomorrow, we will not be posting a blog. We will, however, be posting twice on Friday to capture our experiences in Siena and Lago Trasimeno.