Siena Day Trip, Opera Night, and Today’s Creative Writing

It’s been a wonderful first week in Spoleto, full of fun classes, incredible trips, and amazing adventures!

Yesterday, July 14th, was our day trip to the beautiful city of Siena!  We visited the Town Hall where we saw the famous fresco “The Allegory of Good and Bad Government.”  Students were then given free time to find the district of their assigned Contrada and take a picture of themselves with their Contrada’s mascot.  We visited the Siena Cathedral, home of the famous floor mosaic, “Massacre of the Innocents,” and the Piccolomini Library.  After a bus ride to the town Castiglione del Lago and a wonderful pizza dinner by the lake, we got to go see a production of Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with our very own vocal teacher Dr. Terri Rhodes’ daughter, Susanna, singing the role of Zerlina.  The opera was performed on an open-air stage in the Palazzo della Corgna. See firsthand a video of our incredible day:  

Today’s focus is on the Creative Writing students.  When the writing students started class today, they were asked to share their revised work with the class and give each other constructive feedback about their writing.  Their most recent revised work was centered around the theme “home and away”. Lately, they’ve been working on fluency exercises and developing an authentic voice, and their current writing project is to take something ordinary and, within a literary piece, make it extraordinary!  Today the students went to observe an Italian supermarket to take note of the differences between Italian and American supermarkets.  Since it was a chilly day in Spoleto, they also went to a coffee shop to get hot drinks  and write about their experiences of the day.

Mac and Sofia writing their pieces.

Dr. Jan Guffin, Nikki, and Lily sitting with their hot drinks.

Sofia writing about her experiences.

Mac, SSA Fellow Symphony, Nikki, Sofia, and Lily at the Spoleto Aqueduct.

A domani!