The Roman House, Rehearsals and a Birthday!


Today the Art & Architecture students visited a restored Roman house built in the 1st Century overlooking the Forum Square. The house was most likely that of Vespasia Polla, the mother of Emperor Vespasian.

Kiara, Hannah, Anna, and Meaghan enjoying the Roman house.

Alison giving the students a tour of the Roman house (students pictured are Eliza, Meaghan, Kiara, and Clara).

Vocal music, instrumental music, and drama students spent the day attending classes, having lessons, and rehearsing their various performance pieces to be presented on the final performance.

Clara and Anna working on their duet from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro.

The voice and drama students “taking a walk” in Movement class with the photography students working on their skills with taking motion photos.

Voice and drama students working on their various performance pieces.

In addition, today was Ruby’s 16th birthday which we celebrated with pastry desserts and the Happy Birthday song in Italian at the Clituno!

Birthday pastries!

Happy 16th Birthday Ruby!!!

A domani!