A Cemetery Visit and Our Second Masterclass


Today’s major focus is Creative Writing.  One of the most unique parts of the Creative Writing program is that they spend the majority of their time outside, exploring Spoleto. During their exploration of the city, writers participate in an exercise called “360” in which they choose a location and then spend time observing all the elements of their surroundings. This is intended to help students “see” and not just “look.”

Students participating in a 360 exercise

Earlier in the week, the students visited the local cemetery. Cemeteries in Italy are designed like actual cities, with main streets, and monumental crypts for familial burials. The students wrote pieces reflecting on their impression of the cemetery; many writers contrasted the Italian cemetery with those they would find back home in the US.

Today, the class returned to the cemetery and practiced reading their revised writings in the space that inspired it.

Sofia, Nikki, Lily and Mac with instructor, Jan Guffin

This evening, we had our second Masterclass with presentations by several disciplines. Creative writers, Mac and Lily presented their pieces on “Home and Away.” Drama student, Danielle, performed a piece from Mother Courage and Her Children. We heard Yebin sing “Se Florindo e fedele” by Scarlotti. Abigail sang “Tu Lo Sai” by Torelli. Anna  performed “O mio babbino caro” by Puccini and Anu sang “O del mio amato ben” by Donaudy. Next, the photography students, Claire and Hannah, presented several of their images, including the before and after edits. Two of our visual art students, Lucas and Calla, talked us through the timelapse of their self portraits.

Tonight’s performers at our second masterclass

Tomorrow, we are headed to Florence.

A dopo!