Orvieto Visit


Today we visited the beautiful city of Orvieto!  Orvieto used to be one of the few papal residences outside of Rome and as a result has a beautiful Duomo situated in the heart of the city.  In ancient times, Orvieto was a major center of the Etruscan civilization and many Etruscan artifacts have been discovered in the area surrounding Orvieto.

Our first stop was to the Pozzo di S. Patricio, a 62 meter deep well commissioned Pope Clement VII in fear of a possible siege on Orvieto by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V during his sack of Rome in 1527.  Students enjoyed the cooling climb down to the bottom of the well!

We then visited the archaeological museum, Museo Claudio Faina e Museo Civico, to look at some beautiful Etruscan artifacts. 

Finally, we toured the gorgeous Cathedral of Orvieto, home to the Chapel of San Brizio containing frescoes by Fra Angelico and Luca Signorelli’s Last Judgement.  Students enjoyed listening to Lorenzo speak about the spectacular frescoes!

After returning to Spoleto, students had some quality time at the pool!

Each trip, the students count off to make sure that we have everybody.  Today’s count off timed in at a record-breaking 8.78 seconds!