Andiamo ad Assisi


Today we started the morning with warm chocolate croissants and caffè at the convent. Next we loaded up the bus and were off to Assisi. On the way there Andrea spoke about the history of the churches we would be viewing and their significance. Our first stop was the beautiful Cattedrale di San Rufino. Andrea explained the meaning behind the sculptural elements on the facade. As a group we entered and viewed the inspiring interior of the church.

Our next stop was the Basilica di Santa Chiara. Andrea explained the history of Santa Chiara and her sacrifices to serve God. Within the building we saw incredible paintings and sculptures, along with artifacts from Santa Chiara herself, such as her tunic and locks of her hair.

The group then walked to Tempio di Minerva, taking in its impressive columns. Inside the building were intricate paintings surrounded by ornate gold sculptures. Students were then given time to explore the stores and to purchase memorabilia. Many students grabbed fans to help fight the summer sun and post cards for friends and family.

Our final stop was the incredible Basilica di San Francesco. All were taken with the inspiring interior within the Basilica. Each surface was covered with paintings, wooden carvings, or intricate tile work. Students reveled in the beauty of the gothic style frescos throughout the upper and lower parts of the church.

We arrived back in Spoleto and enjoyed a three course lunch as a group. Laughter and excitement over the days travel could be heard at each table.

We had some time to relax at the convent before walking through the streets of Spoleto with Andrea.

A domani!