Discovering Firenze

We had a great trip to Florence today! We started the visit with a stop at Piazzale Michelangelo, giving us a beautiful overlook of the city from a hill across the river. Above, you can see lots of the students, but we weren't able to get a full group shot this time. 

After making sure to take plenty of beautiful photos, we began our walking tour of the city. We visited the Cappella Brancacci, where Lorenzo and Raul provided us with a history of the frescoes by Lippi, Masaccio, and Masolino. 

Next, we walked over the river to La Chiesa di Santa Maria Novella. We learned about more incredible art and history! After this stop, we walked to the Duomo and then had a couple of hours of free time to explore. Students enjoyed the beautiful sights of Florence and did quite a bit of shopping as well. Several especially enjoyed haggling at the leather market! We all got some rest on the long bus ride back to Spoleto, had a late dinner, and enjoyed a relaxing evening in Spoleto.