Shopping, Hiking and a Film Screening!

Buona Domenica! 

Today was a beautiful, breezy day in Spoleto. It was also our first full free day and students chose to spend it in various ways! With the cooler temperatures, a group of fellows and students hiked to the top of Monteluco (nearly 2600 feet above sea level) which houses a sacred wood where St. Francis lived.  

Many other students spent the morning shopping with Arianna, their Italian teacher and native Spoletina. They ventured down to lower Spoleto and Piazza Garibaldi to discover new areas of town.

A leisurely afternoon was spent in the convent and around Spoleto; students relaxed and sang songs in the courtyard, did laundry and napped. 

Currently, students are watching a film screening, put on by our film faculty, Skye. The picture of choice is an Italian classic, "The Bicycle Thief." Today is also the last day of the Spoleto Festival and there will be a fireworks show at midnight to celebrate! The show takes place in a large field right across from the convent- so we will have the best seats in town!

A domani!