Sunflowers, Film Day, Performance, Oh My!

Today, the photographers joined up with the creative writers and took a trip to the sunflower fields right outside of Spoleto! They spent their afternoon taking photos of flowers, the scenery, and each other and had an absolutely amazing (albeit hot) time!

While waiting for the bus to come, we met up with a local Spoletini in his small farm, who was so sweet and brought us full glasses of water while the students played with the farm dog, Kiki.

Meanwhile, over at the school, the Filmmakers were teaming up with the theater students to create fictional interviews. The theater students created characters that they would assume the role of, and the filmmakers sat and asked them questions while the theater students were in character. Everyone had a lot of fun!

Finally, to end the day, all students got together here at the Palazzo Frau in Spoleto to participate in a performance class. Ashley sang beautifully, Ethan gave a wonderful recital of a monologue, Grace S. and Maggie revealed some of their polished photographs that they have been working on lately, and Jason showed his progress over the last week. It's hard to believe that we're almost halfway done!

But, today wouldn't be complete without the commemoration of Laura K.'s 18th birthday! Laura mentioned how much fun she had had: "The classes today were really entertaining and we went and got gelato for Photography... Then for our afternoon photography class we went to a sunflower field, which was very fun and there was lots of singing and sun!" We finished the day and celebrated with a lovely little celebration after dinner, with delicious pastries and the love of her friends. 

(Photos of Laura's birthday will be added tomorrow!)