And on the Seventh Day, We Rested.

In the morning today, the students were treated to a faculty performance. Jill and Niccolo Muti played some beautiful Baroque pieces on the flute and violin, respectively; Naomi, the creative writing teacher, read some of her published poems; Laura, the vocal teacher, sang a song related to the story of Orpheus and Eurydice; and Skye, the film teacher, read a few excerpts from his screenplay. It was overall a wonderful and peaceful performance, and a beautiful way to begin the day.

Other than the faculty performance in the morning, today was fairly quiet. Due to there being a heatwave of almost 100°, we gave the students the opportunity to rest today, get out of the sun, and practice for the talent show tomorrow. We've got several acts in preparation for tomorrow's show--tune in tomorrow for coverage of this wide-variety of talent!