Benvenuti a Spoleto!

All twenty nine of our students have arrived in Spoleto! We reached the convent around 2:30 PM and headed straight to lunch at Hotel Clitunno which houses Ristorante Lorenzo where students eat lunch and dinner each day.

Students are in different rooms around the convent and each room is named after a fruit (in Italian of course). The rooms are Mela (Apple), Pesca (Peach), Arancia (Orange), Ananas (Pineapple), Fragola (Strawberry), Limone (Lemon), Melone (Melon), Cocomero (Watermelon), Frutti di Bosco (Mixed Berry), and Lampone (Raspberry). After lunch, students settled into their rooms, rested and got to know their roommates. We had a more formal introduction of faculty and fellows and a brief overview of the program from Jill and Lorenzo Muti. This was followed by a game of "Human Knot" in which students had to work together to untangle themselves. 

After our icebreakers and introductions, students made a stop at the ATM and headed back to the Clitunno for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious semi-freddo for dessert and are back at the convent settling in before an early start and tomorrow's day trip to Assisi. 

A dopo!