First Day of Classes! (Sort of)

Today, due to a mixup with the bus schedules, we unfortunately could not go to the sunflower fields, Instead, we set off at the beginning of the day on a hike up to the Cappuccini monastery! There, Skye Wallin, the film teacher, took a moment to talk to the students about the important relationship between science and art, before launching a camera-drone, allowing the students to understand, experiment, and witness the potential of technology and science in the face of filmmaking (and art as a greater whole)

Today was the first day of classes! Well, almost. After the hike to the Cappuccini monastery (as well as a lunch and a hour or two of siesta), students met up with the teachers of their respective disciplines and were given the lowdown of what to expect concerning their discipline and the fun and educational times that were in store for them in the coming weeks. Check the photos below for a peek of what each discipline covered today!

Starting tomorrow, each blog post will be covering a different topic! Here is the topic schedule for the week, so you can keep updated!

On Sundays, expect general updates to the daily life of Spoleto! More moments of daily life, both smaller and larger, will be covered on this day.

Mondays are for Visual Arts, to see what students are working on! Check in on the first weekday of every week to see how much they've progressed since the previous week!

Tuesday will highlight what Photo and Film are focusing on. Join them on their adventures documenting and photographing the day to day of Italian life!

Wednesdays and Saturdays are reserved for whichever city we are traveling to that day! Look forward to posts on some of the many adventures we will have experiencing the many towns and cities in Italy!

Vocal and Drama are taking center stage on Thursday! Look forward to updates on all of their acts and arias.

And finally, on Fridays, see what creations the Violinists and Creative Writers are composing and working on in their class times!