Spotlight: Visual Arts

Students continued with another day of classes. In the morning Lorenzo led the class to La Rocca, the castle, and explained the complex history of this beautiful hilltop fortress. 


Lorenzo explained that the castle was originally built as a fortress in the 13th century, but then was transformed into a summer residence for the wealthy (including a number of popes). It was later transformed again into a maximum security prison, and finally became a museum about 30 years ago.


Students enjoyed the view from the hilltop upon which La Rocca sits.


Spotlight: Visual Arts

Claire Lerner

After putting into practice new drawing techniques for their self-portraits, visual art students were eager to experiment with a variety of paint brushes and media, including acrylic and oil paint, and charcoal. Students learned basic and advanced painting techniques such as working dark to light, and lean to fat. They also learned under painting techniques and the importance of “blocking in” your painting before adding detail and top layers of paint. Students also learned how to “work across the color wheel” using complements and saturated and unsaturated color. This practice was quickly put into place while working on their portraits.  

An informal critique was held “mid-project” outdoors in the beautiful early evening light of Spoleto, encouraging and supporting the success of each student’s work. Students are also working on their Spoleto city scene sketches, which are in the process of being developed into larger finished work.

This week, visiting artist and college Art History and Studio Arts professor Paul Roehl gave Visual Arts students a college-level one hour slide lecture on the history of art and the aesthetic experience. He also talked about the history of landscape painting and discussed and presented his own work.