Spotlight: Photography

Sara Kerr, Faculty:

"This week students finished shooting and editing their street photography assignment. We had a mini critique in class and then we presented this work to the entire Spoleto group at our work in progress presentation. Students are now working on their "Place" assignment, bringing together  images of architecture, landscape, still life and detail shots of the places that they have been observing and experiencing during their trip. They are also putting together their final portfolio for the exhibition on Saturday! 

I asked the students to share with you their favorite image from their street photography assignment. Here is a small taste of the excellent work that they have been producing."  


"Not all strangers are strange. Some just need an introduction and a bit of an explanation. These three men were new to me, but by the time I had left we had become friends. "



" This photo was a favorite of mine because the two children were clearly close and it was amazing to be able to capture their friendship in a moment. It also is very adorable"




"This is my favorite photograph that I took because after waiting for quite some time, my patience paid off and I was able to get the subject looking straight into my lens"



"I loved how this photo showed the touristy nature of the city of Florence. Even though this could be a common scene in many cities throughout the world, the foreground specifically seemed to show the competition for economic gain amongst the pedicab drivers. It is one of my favorite photos I took during the Street Photography unit, and I'm excited to include it in my final portfolio!"



"I really like this photo because it displays a tight and close relationship. The couple walked perfectly through my frame, which was the best time and place for lighting."


Today in Arts and Ideas, students left the classroom to work on a Town-as-Text inspired project in Piazza del Mercato.  They have been tasked to collaborate to create or to design a piece of art based on their collective experience.  They will continue to work on this for the rest of the week!