Spotlight: Visual Arts...Plus a Pool Party!

Spotlight: Visual Arts

Claire Lerner

"During week three of the Visual Arts class, students are busy completing work on their two in depth projects; a self-portrait from life and street scene(s) of Spoleto. For these two projects students were encouraged to work in a variety of art media including mixed media, watercolor, oil, acrylic, charcoal, and pencil.  Students are excited and delighted to present their final works in an exhibition that will be held in the art room along with their fellow photography students on Saturday.

Completing any art piece can be a daunting and challenging task but these fantastic and talented students stayed on task and embraced all the challenges that were presented to them. They enjoyed and appreciated having sixteen hours a week completely devoted to art studio time. The finished artwork that will be presented in the student exhibition will reflect the concentrated hours spent in the art studio. Students were thrilled to have the opportunity to work so intensively in a variety of art media for the past three weeks!"


Pool Party!

After morning classes, we took a trip to the countryside to enjoy the pool, volleyball, and dinner. 

20180726_174229 (1).jpg

We could see the castle of Spoleto off in the distance.


A storm passed over us, but we made the best of it by playing cards and enjoying some lively conversation inside a covered tent.

After the rain passed, we enjoyed a beautiful evening.

We ended the evening with our final Palio competition. Each contrada participated in a relay race on the volleyball court. It was a fantastic night!