A Full Day of Classes and a Scavenger Hunt!

Students started the day with a regular weekday schedule of classes. Each student had a class in the discipline that they chose to study, an Italian language lesson, an Art and Ideas class, and Art and Architecture class in the morning. After lunch students had free time until we began Master Classes in their disciplines at 5pm. 

Throughout the duration of the program students will be competing against one another in contrade (teams) in the Spoleto Palio.  Each contrada has a name and emblem based on Siena’s infamous contrade.  Tonight the contrade participated in a scavenger hunt around Spoleto!


Since we would like to highlight each discipline, we are going to designate themes for each day’s update.

·      Monday: Photography

·      Tuesday: Creative Writing and Screenwriting

·      Wednesday: Travel

·      Thursday:  Visual Arts

·      Friday: Vocal and Instrumental Music

·      Saturday: Travel

·      Sunday: Student Focus and Life in Spoleto

Sara Kerr, Photography Faculty:

"On Sunday, our first day of class, we had an introduction to photography and we got to know one another. We talked about our photography experiences, what we want to achieve in Spoleto, what we want to improve on, and how we want to develop our photography skills. We then learned about the history of photography and we learned about the buttons on our cameras!

Today, we jumped right into the technical stuff. In the morning we learned about the exposure triangle: namely, how to use shutter speed, aperture and ISO to create a good exposure. We drew some pictures of aperture and shutter speed scales and we ate biscotti to try and help our brains take in all of this technical information! 

In our afternoon class, we put this information into practice. We went out and about around Spoleto and practiced using manual mode, shutter priority and aperture priority modes on our cameras. We also learned about how the shutter speed can control the way we depict motion! We practiced blurring motion and freezing motion. We learned also about depth of field (and how the aperture can make things look sharp all the way to the horizon or blurry and romantic). We were very lucky that we found a cat that was a wonderful model and he continued to sleep as we practiced our techniques! 

For the rest of the week we will be focusing on cementing our technical skills by photographing landscapes and architecture in Siena and around Spoleto. We will also learn a great deal about composition, by looking at the masters of photography and analyzing their photographic works."