A Full Day of Classes and Spotlight: Photography

Students experienced a regular weekday schedule of classes, which includes an hour of their discipline, Italian language, and Art & Architecture/Art and Ideas in the morning and three hours of their discipline in the evening.

Art & Architecture at the Duomo with Lorenzo

Art & Architecture at the Duomo with Lorenzo

Throughout the duration of the program students will be competing against one another in contrade (teams) in the Spoleto Palio.  Each contrada has a name and emblem based on Siena’s infamous contrade.  Tonight the contrade participated in a scavenger hunt around Spoleto!

thumbnail_contrade copy.jpg

Since we would like to highlight each discipline, we are going to designate themes for each day’s update.

·      Monday: Photography

·      Tuesday: Visual Arts

·      Wednesday: Travel

·      Thursday:  Creative Writing

·      Friday: Vocal and Instrumental Music

·      Saturday: Travel

·      Sunday: Student Focus and Life in Spoleto

Spotlight: Photography

Sara Kerr, Photography Instructor:

“Photographers spent their first day of class getting to know each other and learning about the history of their medium. We talked about the origins of photography, about how photography developed, and about all of the amazing scientific experimentation that was needed to get us to where we are today: an era where we have digital cameras in our cell phones and millions of photographs are made and shared every minute. In our second class we got straight down to business. Students learned about the basic operations of their cameras and about the three essential components of an exposure: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. For their first assignment, students were tasked with learning to understand shutter speed. In pairs they explored Spoleto looking for interesting ways to use shutter speed to freeze and blur movement. Stay tuned for the results!”

PHOTO-2019-07-16-10-17-13 copy.jpg
PHOTO-2019-07-16-10-18-56 copy.jpg