The Marvelous Ville d'Este!

Today we travelled about two hours south to the city of Tivoli to take a tour given by Professor Lorenzo. Tivoli is a city located about 45 minutes outside of Rome, and it is home to the famous Ville d’Este. The Villa was commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este in the early 16th Century. He was one of the wealthiest cardinals of all time, and you can recognized his wealth after taking a stroll through the Villa. The Villa is comprised of a lavish art collection and decorative walls, but the villa is most famous for its extravagant landscape, statues, and fountains.

The students had a great time taking in the breathtaking views and enjoying the beautiful landscapes. After Tivoli we made our way back to Spoleto, and had a lovely dinner outside of Hotel Clittuno. Here are some pictures of the trip to Tivoli! Hope you enjoy.