Spotlight: Photography

Spotlight: Photography “Street Life”

Sara Kerr, Photography Instructor:

“Photographers have spent the last few lessons learning about the rules of composition and putting these rules to use. Today we started our first big project: street photography. We started with a lecture that covered seminal figures in the history of photography that photographed street life. Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helen Levitt and Paul Strand, to name just a few. We then spent the afternoon practicing. How can we capture a scene, the characters and the dynamic nature of life in a photograph? How do we make sure that the image is also well exposed and well composed? We talked through ways to observe the street and notice the background, middle ground and foreground. And we covered a few tricks for blending in and making photographs in public space. We will continue working on this project in Florence.”

PHOTO-2019-07-22-18-21-13 copy.jpg
PHOTO-2019-07-22-18-26-28 copy.jpg
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