Visual Art - Blog #2

This week visual art students are focused on one of their major projects, the development of their self-portrait drawings and how they see themselves situated in Spoleto. Working in their medium of choice, they are considering composition, personal character, the use of color and it’s meaning, depth of field, and issues of abstraction where appropriate. Raul is working on a realistic portrait using oil on canvas, Naomi is working with pastels for the first time and Orlinka is developing an abstract self-portrait using acrylics and then oils.

During an evening class we also walked around Spoleto stopping at various sites to make on the spot pencil sketches of street or landscape views.

Professor Riding asked Naomi, Raul and Orlinka what they are enjoying in Spoleto.


“I am enjoying learning new skills and experimenting with different media.”


“I am enjoying time for thought, away from the chaos of Miami.”


“Spoleto is a great environment for visual art.”

class starting self portraits 1.jpg
out sketching.jpg
Raul self portrait 1.jpg
Out around town sketching.jpg