“Spoleto Study Abroad has most definitely been the greatest experience of my life.”
“Never have I ever felt more at home so far away from everything I know. Spoleto study abroad was an experience I wish I could experience over and over again. From the classes, to the staff, to the food, to the beauty of the town, and to the life long friends I made. Thank you Spoleto Study Abroad!”
“From Assisi to Siena and everything in between, this summer study abroad experience is an unforgettable one! If you are interested in meeting people from all over the US with a vast range of talents and embracing Italian culture, then Spoleto Study Abroad is for you! Not to mention, Italian cuisine is phenomenal.”
“This is the best educational and growth experience my son has had to this day. The teachers—-PHENOMENAL!!! They taught so much more than just writing. They taught appreciation of life and other cultures and experiences. The setting— UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS! The town is friendly and beautiful. The excursions— FANTASTIC AND FUN! And, the icing on the cake….my son has gone from a solid B in honors English to a solid A this year. Hooray!”
“I went to Spoleto and I had the best time! I learned so much about myself and other people. We visited five different cities within Italy: Sienna, Orvieto, Assisi, Florence, and Tivoli. Each location was beautifully, vibrant and each building within the cities had its own historic background. I was really able to immerse myself in the culture and learn so much about the beautiful city of Spoleto. We were able to see an opera, visit churches, beaches, etc. Not only were the excursions very fun, the classes were too. Spoleto Study Abroad offered Italian, arts and ideas, drama, etc. The counselors were super nice and they gave us a chance to tap into our creative side as well as challenge our learning skills. I studied in the field of vocal music while in Spoleto and was able to really improve my technique and learn a lot from a top notch, professional instructor. I also sang in the choir and us singers were able to showcase our skills and sing as a group—that was really fun. I made so many new friendships with the people in and outside my field of study, which was great. I was even able to connect with the counselors because they were caring and very approachable.”
“Our daughter participated in the Spoleto Abroad Program (drama and music concentrations) while a junior in high school this past summer. It was truly the best experience for all of us. The academics, including side trips, were conducted by an experienced and challenging faculty, and the students were emerged in the culture and history of the area. She met friends from around the country with common interests and goals. The program did an outstanding job of keeping parents informed of the daily routine. Our daughter returned from this program more mature and confident in her abilities not only in the arts but in travelling abroad without family.”
“I will never truly find the words that accurately express my gratitude and love for Spoleto Study Abroad Program. My time in Italy introduced me to the most incredible people, who I have the privilege of now calling my friends. From drinking cappuccinos on ancient aqueducts to dancing in the courtyard of the convent while rain soaked my hand-washed clothes, Spoleto gave me three of the most vibrant and happiest weeks of my life. I think about Italy every day and the beautiful people that thread me back to that blissful time of my life. Spoleto became a home to my peers and I. It truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity that adds to your knowledge of the world, of yourself, and of art and love- the universal languages.”
“Spoleto was a little haven nestled in Umbria that allowed me time to breathe, look around, and feel what these poets meant when the say “time stood still”. I still remember winning the Paleo race with my little group and going to the aqueduct to celebrate with gelato. Just then, surrounded by my friends and the loud Italian chatter, I felt completely and utterly in the moment. There was a sense of urgency following the next day when I realized that we were leaving Italy in a couple of days (i.e. pasta shopping), but until that night the days and nights passed by with ease and I didn’t feel the hustle and bustle of city life coursing through my veins. For those of who may be very familiar with this feeling, I highly recommend this program. When good food, good company, and rigorous artistic opportunities meet in Spoleto, something exciting happens. As cheesy as it sounds, this program gave me a beautiful memory frozen in time of sixteen year olds running through medieval towns with camera in one hand and a piccolo gelato in the other. Even now, when I’ve landed back to the busy routine, I slip out the beautiful postcards I bought in Assisi and Tivoli and wonder when I’ll go back.”
My experience with the Spoleto Study Abroad program has been amazing. Being able to learn new techniques for my singing and performing has been wonderful, but I think the best part was being able to experience a different culture. Being immersed in the Italian culture has allowed me to truly experience another lifestyle for the first time in my life. The slower pace of the Italians has allowed me to enjoy life for each moment, rather than always waiting for the next thing to happen. Being able to stop using things like cell phones and computers, both of which I am totally dependent on at home, has been liberating. I have been able to enjoy my time with the people I am with, as opposed to texting people constantly.”